Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mambella's (OMG is this place amazing!)

160 Columbia St. West.
What can be said about reliving a past experience that was totally amazing? It's terrific if you can manage it. As most of you know, I grew up in NJ where Italian food is king, queen, prince and princess. We always went to a bar called Conte's for pizza (the best on the planet) and meatball sandwiches. These flavors are part of my very food oriented childhood.

Scootor and I met Arlene at Mambella's for lunch. They have a huge menu of pastas, pizza, fresh salads, grilled paninis, fresh sandwiches (make your own or choose one of their signature paninis), toasted sandwiches, and wraps. They also have a breakfast menu until 11:30am.

So many choices it made my head spin. I opted for the Veal Parm sandwich but they had already run out of them so I chose a Meatball sandwich on a WHITE Kaiser. I normally do brown or multigrain bread but the meatballs were telling me to go WHITE. My sandwich came first and I took a big bite. I know I always say I saw God but instead I saw Conte's. It was so delicious I almost swooned! Scootor had the Pulled Pork and Arlene had the Boss Beef Panini. They also both had salads. Everything was marvelous.

Tina (the owner) doesn't buy "Deli" meats and cooks all the meat herself. It sure makes a difference!

There are Homemade cookies and squares that look scrumptious! I was too full of meatballs to partake.

So here it goes.....If you want a terrific Breakfast or Lunch this is the place to go!

It is right across the street from the RIM complex on Columbia Street. Run don't walk! When we were there they didn't do dinner; however, Tina let us know that they're planning on offering dinner service in the near future. So give her a call to see when she'll be open for dinner and weekend dining. Make a reservation as seating is limited - Note to reader: some days making a reservation is easy and others they are unsure, so you'll need to be a bit persistent.

Bon apetit!

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