Friday, May 21, 2010


It being Friday night, we all went to St. Louis Wings and Ribs on Northfield. It was awful - bloody awful as Arlene would say. As Scootor said it was barely OK. The four of us had the special of 6 wings and 3 ribs plus fries and little onion schnibbles. The fries were OK and so were the onion bits. I asked for honey garlic wings and plain ribs. When the plate arrived I grabbed my "succulent" ribs ready to jump into their wonderfulness anf found them stone cold and as far from yummy as they could be. I called the server over and very apologetically she took my plate away saying she'd bring me a new plate. What showed up 15 minutes later was my old plate and still no ribs. Another 20 minutes later when the ribs finally arrived they were warm, but I was full. The wings were small and dry and if there was any of the honey garlic sauce on them it was news to me. They dimmed the lights before we had ordered and it seemed like no one knew what" Inside Voices" were. All said this was not gastronomies finest hour, and I'd advise against a visit.


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