Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Saw God!!!!! at Verses

May the 13th was my 60th birthday. My dearest Papa died the day before his 60th, so the 12th of May was fraught with concern. Our Friday dinner friends, Tracy and Al, went with us to celebrate to VERSES, my favourite restaurant. It is located on Victoria Street between Margaret and St. Leger streets. Transformed from an old church, it has a real cathedral feeling to it. The staff are both friendly and prompt. The kitchen is VERY user friendly. They respect everyone's food issues and will alter dishes whenever possible. This is so rare in restaurants. Our meals were almost perfection itself. Tracy and I decided to have just apps. You get more choice that way.

Tracy started with a lovely spinach salad. I had Kobe Beef 3 ways, and it was so delicious. It came with a little shooter of light green nectar - To die for. Next came the fois gras and the God part with apan-seared piece of Fois that defies all explanation. We both saw God! Even better were the 3 little shortbreads made with the fois fat. We swooned!!!!!!!!!! Sadly we were not to swoon again. The four seared scallops were sadly overcooked. The time it takes to go from cooked to latex is a few short seconds. The chef sadly miscounted. We told the boss this on the way out, and she would have liked to have been told earlier.

I just love this place. So if you want to have WONDERFUL food and a friendly good time go to VERSES. It's a little on the pricey side, but well worth every dollar. Just think how many bad expensive dinners you've had under the guise of "fine dining", and you put all that wasted money together, you'd be able to eat at VERSES every night! Check it out!


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