Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pepi's Pizza on Old King Street

Tired and hungry after a long drive back from a Muskoka cottage, we decided to continue our search for the best pizza in Waterloo Region. We've liked the Pepi's Pizza on Water Street in Kitchener, so we decided to give the one on Old King Street a try as it is conveniently located near the Fairway Road exit off Highway 8.

I've tried really hard to come up with one good thing about our experience at this Pepi's. The servers were fairly pleasant - there, I did it.

We ordered the large 3-item pizza with one pound of wings feature and waited about 30 minutes for it to be ready. A few minutes later we were home and diving in. I'm not sure how you can ruin a pizza, but there must be a way. The dough was chewy and although the fixings were plentiful, there seemed to be no taste to it. The wings were tiny bullets of fried fat with the sauce on the side. The food was so bad, not one of us is willing to eat the leftovers.

We continue our search for the best pizza. If you have a recommendation, please let us know.


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