Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dim Sum - a true hearts delight on Cameron St.

Dim Sum are the Chinese equivalent Spanish tapas. Little plates of joy. Upon being seated you get the Dim Sum menu and a pen. You check off what you want and it whisked off to the kitchen where they make up your order. Each dish comes from it's own section and you're charged accordingly. There is plenty to choose from adventurous to not so much. Scootor and I always order the same stuff every time. When something comes up that looks interesting we swap it out for something else.
We order:
Har Gow - delicious steamed shrimp balls wrapped in a thin rice shell.
Sticky Rice - Rice and meat steamed in a lotus leaf.
Rice Rolls - Rice dough stuffed with BBQ Pork and steamed.
Spring Rolls - Stuffed with chicken & Taro.
The new guy was Shrimp Dumplings stuffed Chinese mushrooms. A Very good choice!

There are some items on the menu that are NOT for the faint of heart. Tripe is one we haven't tried yet nor have we tried chicken feet. My dearest Papa loved chicken feet. Every Friday our neighbor Marilyn would send my father over a little package of the chickens feet, gizzard, liver, and heart. Having survived the Holocaust food had a whole set of strings attached to it. I can still see him, chicken foot in his hand nibbling each little toe for all the meat there was to be had. Being his eating buddy he would share shnibbles of his package with me like a mother bird feeding her chick. No, he didn't chew it first. Our first dim sum debacle was at the Chrystal Palace on King in Waterloo. I ordered what I misread as Phoenix Prawns,only to have it be Phoenix PAWS - the evil chicken feet. I am sure I'm brave enough now to try them but not a whole order.

So when people ask me where do I go for Dim Sum I tell them Cameron is very good but very expensive. Chrystal Palace is just slightly less good but they have a much better selection.
The choice is now your's.

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