Friday, June 18, 2010

Creme Brulee - Creme Brulee - I could eat you every day

The Keg is the Keg. It makes no apologies it is a steak house. Our Friday night dinner group has eaten there before and while the food is good(Red meat and lots of it) the noise is deafening. After a table change to one of the several alcoves we could sufficiently talk and be heard.

We all ordered our meat and sat back to wait for our carnivorous repast. Starters came and were universally good. I had a Caesar salad w/o croutons (I'm trying not to do wheat) and a whole lot of Parmesan cheese on top. It was very nice. Crisp lettuce. Scouter ordered a Flat-bread with tomato-basil salsa, mozzarella and a Balsamic reduction. Everyone loved it except me due to the wheat thing. It being Lobster Fest at the Keg their new App. was an Escargot dish with chunks of lobster covered with cheese. Tracy, who normally always shares, gobbled down the whole thing.

Tracy and her mother Marilyn took advantage of the Lobster Fest and ordered the Lobster encrusted Sirloin. I ordered the Filet Mignon without the bacon wrap and with steamed veggies and Asparagus. Gino, Tracy's father and Scoot ordered ribs and chicken. My steak was cooked perfectly. I like my meat blue rare and blue rare it came. Marilyn and Tracy liked their meat well enough but in a move I totally missed Tracy was persuaded to order something else. It had a seafood "crust'' but instead of all Lobster there were shrimp on top with "some" lobster. It was OK. Gino who isn't a complained was fine with his dinner but Scootor found both the ribs and the chicken were dry. Interestingly there was a half cob of corn wrapped in bacon on the plate suffering from a monumental lack of flavor. On the negative side I don't like their meat rub and would have preferred my steak au naturel. On the VERY positive side I really liked the BBQ sauce.

Drum roll please..........................................For dessert we had Creme Brulee. Oh my God it was delicious. It is the standard by which all Creme Brunets should be judged. No fruit or coulis or anything else that doesn't belong. Just plain light delicious custard and nothing else. The next time we go I'm just eating Creme Brulee.

So, dinner for 2 ended up at $93.00 with drinks, food, and dessert.

God that Creme Brulee - YUMMO!

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