Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Vet has her office at the Williamsburg Plaza. Friday we had to stop in and get drugs for Puggy Molly. We noticed that a new Japanese Resto was having it's grand opening. We decided to try it out for lunch on Saturday.

325 Max Becker Dr. UNIT 102

Scootor and I have a two pronged attack when dealing with Japanese Places. The first visit we order just appetizers the second visit we order Sushi. We ordered Gyoza( the Japanese version of pot stickers) Veggie Tempura, Yaki Tori(chicken on a skewer) which came atop a cute little brazier with a tea candle inside to keep the chicken warm, Calamari(squid) fried Oysters, and a salad bar. The dressing was so wonderful I drank what was left. Everything was terrific. The fried stuff was relatively grease free, the Gyoza were vegetarian and delicious, the Yaki Tori was yummy. Scoot and I thought it could have used a bit more sauce. The Calamari was totally unlike what I had imagined when I ordered it. It was all tentacles. Squid has a tendency to be very chewy but this, while al dente was very good. The Tempura was light and crisp. The veggies were also al dente which isn't my preference but Scoot likes his veggies crunchy. Now for the Oysters. I had my first experience with Oyster at the age of 12. I was staying in New York with my friend Karen Burke Murphy. Her father took us all out to Luchows, a famous eatery that has been around for ages. Her father, the head of the household, ordered for all of us. I was about as stunned as a 12 year old could be. I'd been ordering for myself for 10 years so what the hell is going on here? When the Apps. came I was presented with 6 Oysters on the half shell not only raw but still alive. I'd seen my parents eat clams on the half shell before but a shrimp cocktail was about as adventurous as I had gotten. I watched to see how it was done picked up a shell and knocked her back. It was like a giant phlegm ball. I chewed and chewed and I couldn't get it down. I finally had to spit it out into my CLOTH napkin. I offered the 5 remaining to everyone at the table. Faux pas yet again. Nobody EVER shared food of another's plate. It just wasn't done. I was so N.O.C.M.D.
Back to the Oysters. They came 6 on a lovely long plate with a nice ribbon of BBQ sauce. I ordered them because I feel it's silly to let a 12 year old dictate what a 60 year old can eat.
DRUM ROLL please. I bravely picked up the smallest Oyster and took a bite. It wasn't bad, good almost. Scoot picked one up and eyed it suspiciously. He popped it in his mouth and chewed. You'd have thought I have made him eat fishy Play Dough. He was not impressed, not one bit.
The remaining Oyster were mine by default and I ate every one. They weren't fishy but briny like the ocean. Maybe when I go to NOLA I'll be able to order an Oyster Po' Boy and not disgrace myself.
This place has the makings of a very nice place. You should go out and give it a try.

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