Friday, June 25, 2010

EVE'S Chocolates - Yummy truffles

I went to the dentist yesterday for some cleaning and filling. (They knock me out for all procedures as I am REALLY Dentalphobic). Earlier that day he stopped in at Eve's Chocolates for a happy
wake up present which I greatly appreciated not having had chocolate of any kind in months. They were warn and smooth and delicious. I had to rush back today to get more! They are still terrific. If you store your chocolate in the fridge let it come to room temperature before you eat. Cold chocolate doesn't have as much flavor. The Truffles and so much more can be had at: EVE'S CHOCOLATES - 75 KING ST. WATERLOO. It is one of cute little boutique shops down the side of Waterloo Square. Their phone number is519-747-0999. If you need an occasion to give chocolates
to your sweetie, for me Happy Friday was a good one.

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