Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ennios Restaurant - Great Italian

384 King St N.

Last week, Tracy and I decided to do our standing Friday night dinner at Ennios in Waterloo. In the dim and distant past my husband and I went to the original Ennios in Stanley Park. It was a Mom and Pop Italian place that was small and always packed, and a bit noisy but well worth it.

There were six in our party on Friday. Myself, my husband Scootor, Tracy, her husband Al, their son Josh and his fiancé, Jill.

The menu was a treat. I hate large menus with cutesy names for things and this one was simple and easy to read.

We all had starters. I had crisp and tasty Calamari with a creamy sauce, which had too much dill in it for me, but everyone else loved it. Scootor had the soup de jour, which was a nice tomato and spinach mixture. He loved it. Tracy, Al, Josh and Jill all had the Caesar Salad. I had one too that came with my dinner and it was davoon!! I think it may have been one of the best I’ve ever had.

Tracy bought Pazzo Bread for the table — fingers of fried dough with a Marinara sauce for dipping. Everyone else really liked it a lot: I did not. That left more for the rest of the table and they were all the happier for it.

The entrées were very good and didn't disappoint. Now I LOVE Gnocchi, and I have never met a Gnocchi I didn't love. The usual presentation is covered with Marinara. I had mine "A la Nona." This means in the Grandmother's style. Plump and succulent pillows of potato dough fried in butter with garlic and Parmesan. The portion was so large I had enough for lunch the
next day.

Tracy and Al both had Pizza. They loved them. At Ennios pizza is crisp crusted and full of toppings. Jill and Josh both had spaghetti and meatballs. They both enjoyed theirs, and Josh finished up Jill's when she got full. The success of a restaurant is after dinner being just full enough not to need dessert.

Ennios is a nice, warm, real family place. The servers are prompt and courteous. So, if you want a nice, real, and relaxed Italian meal with really good food Ennios will be the place for you.

Reservations are recommended as they fill up fast. There is another Ennios at 655 Fairway Road South in Kitchener. You can reach them at 519-576-9552.

We are going to try this one soon, hopefully with friends Arlene and Bob. I can hear those Gnocchi calling my name.

Bon Appetit!

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