Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Empress of India

103 King St. South



Arlene chose the Empress of India as she had been there before. Both she and her daughter Erin loved the Butter Chicken, which was what she ordered along with their Garlic Naan bread (a fluffy white flour bread) was very happy with her choice. She and Scootor started with the Veggie Samosas. Scootor did say his Samosas were the best he's ever had; and I agreed with that. However, I didn't like the Tamarind sauce; it was very weak and watery and without the punch that I am used to.

Her husband, Bob, a true Irish meat and potatoes man, ordered Beef Korma and was NOT happy with his choice. He just plain didn't like it. He said the meat was tough, stringy and very hard to chew. I tried the sauce and it was OK. Scootor tried it and said it gave him a large mandibular work-out. It was not a successful pairing.

We heard Scootor's meal before we ever saw it. His Tiger Prawns came out of the kitchen under a cloud of fragrant steam on an cast iron pan that was very hot. He really enjoyed his choice and the Chapatti bread we both ordered. His memorable quote: "my tongue is dancing with an array of spices." He just cracks me up.

Before I tell you about my dinner I must tell you about my inability to eat spicy food. I have this theory about people who serve spicy food that they do not understand that there is a big difference between say Indian mild and woosey-white-person mild. There just is. So when our server, the helpful Sonny, said he could "tone my dinner down", I was relieved. My relief was short lived. I'm sure they toned it down, but not enough for me.

Now to my dinner. I love Okra. I really do. I am an Okra eating fool and put it in almost everything. I figured that "toned down" okra would be perfect or so I thought. It arrived in a small bowl -- the perfect size to eat and share. It came with a very light and lovely rice. I ordered Chapati with my Okra perfect for scooping. I dug into my bowl and popped it into my mouth and OMG was it hot! WHEW! I made several attempts to salvage my dinner with some of Arlene's Butter chicken sauce and Bob's Beef Korma sauce. They helped some, but not nearly enough.

Empress of India is a nice-looking place with wide tables and straight backed wooden chairs. They were great with enough room for four to sit comfortably and a great chair for my big old butt. Service was great with Sonny and others were around all the time filling glasses and asking how we were doing.

So let's tally. Arlene loved her Butter Chicken, Garlic Naan and Samosas. Scootor loved his sizzling Tiger Prawns, Samosas and Chapatti. I would have loved mine if I could have tolerated the spice, and Bob, I think, was waiting for Scottie to beam him up. So if you like your food spicy this is the place for you. I would go back for the Butter Chicken.



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