Monday, December 5, 2011

Chez Reitzel

94 Bridgeport Rd. E. Unit 30

As you already know almost every Friday night Scootor, Tracy, Alan, and I go out to dinner. This week we tried something new. Tracy had heard about this new Chinese Place right around the corner from us called STAR WOK.
STAR WOK has only been open a short time and I guess the word is being spread.
It is a brightly lit very clean little place. To order you step up to the counter place your order and pick out a place to sit. There are a few booths and some tables but I think a lot of their business is from Take-out.
Tracy and I agreed on the menu and we went to pick it up and toted it over.

As we pulled up to their place we were very impressed by the tasteful outdoor lighting, reserved and classic. When we entered it was like we were in the very heart of Christmas itself. The decor of Reds and golds was lovely. The tree was a vision and best of all the place was not too hot to bear. It was just delightful.

We retired to the immaculate and well appointed kitchen area where a cafe table was set perfectly and unpacked dinner. We ordered 3 egg-rolls, House Special Fried Rice (with chicken, pork, and shrimp) House Special Chop Suey, General Tso Chicken, Beef and Broccoli, and Honey Garlic Chicken. We all started in to eating and everything was delicious with few complaints, The General Tso chicken, a usually spicy dish, was really toned down and I could actually eat it. The Honey Garlic Chicken was good just not enough garlic for me. The Beef and Broccoli (very crispy) was good as were the Chop Suey and the Fried Rice. My only major complaint was the lack of Fortune Cookies. If not stale (or lemon flavor) they are lovely. So Alan had beer, Scootor and I had ice water(great ice) and Tracy had the house red. So $52.21 for 4 WITH leftovers seems a bargain dinner to me.

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