Tuesday, December 27, 2011


There's this little place in the Next town over that I have jokingly called Hams-Are-Us
or House-O-Hams because that is almost all they sell. They are really called The Canadian Honey Ham Company and boy is that great HAM. I'd say it was the Cadillac of ham. I have heard it said that grocery Store hams are like hot dogs in comparison. Who ever said that was right.

This ham was tender and juicy and even when we were late had not dried out. It's Spiral sliced and comes in many different sizes for different size crowds.

Want to empress a crowd of ham lovers, get yourself To the
Canadian Honey Ham Company
551 Hespeler Rd.
Toll Free 1-877-819-7441

It is a real treat that I wholly endorse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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