Monday, March 5, 2012

247 King St. N. and University
N2J 4V2
519-954-FRAT (3728)

What to do for lunch is always the big question on the days Scootor has off. This past Thursday we decided on Fratburger, home of the best burgers in town because you may get a rare hamburger there. The reason every other place can't serve their burgers rare is because they buy hamburger already ground. This place grinds their own meat every day and thank God they do!

Thursday we arrived around 1:00 pm and the regular crowd was just beginning to thin out. We sat in our friend Jill's section and read the menus. The menu is very easy to read. You get to choose each option and topping.

I ordered the standard burger as rare as possible with fries and mayo. Other condiments are on
each table. Scootor ordered the special of the day the Cowboy. A patty topped with cheese frilled mushrooms and onions. He also ordered fries.

Fratburger's fries are WONDERFUL. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside just how I love them.

My hamburger was perfect and rare and Scoot loved his Cowboy.

There are a few Veggie options which I have heard are delicious. This is not a fine dining place nor should it be, It is a good burger at a good price. The 2 of us ate for around $20.00 and when you think of all the bad burger chains run don't walk to Fratburger.

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