Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jake & Humphreys' Bistro
196 Peel St.
New Hamburg, ON N3A 1E3

I have been Tweeting this place for months thinking that Jake & Humphrey were 2 guys hence the name. Only to find out that the people who own the place names it after their cats. That alone made it OK by me.

The Restaurant is the bottom floor of one of the nice older homes that you still see in all those small picturesque little towns in the region. The decorating is Arty and the chairs are comfortable.

Our server knew we were coming as I had promised to do for months and months and introduced herself to us. She was just lovely. A really nice server can make a dining out experience a thing of joy.

The menu is on the smaller side which is fine with me. No huge laminated monsters with cutsie names and lurid photos. I do love a simple menu. The best thing is there are also a good number of specials every day.

I ordered the Pistachio Pate and the Prime Rib burger and Scoot, the Seafood Chowder and the Chicken Schnitzel Club. The Pate is lovely but more of a Terrine. It is a delicate but solid, porky, and studded with lovely and tasty green nuts and each piece was wrapped with double smoked bacon. Along with the pate was home made Melba toast and yesterday instead of Chutney there was some GRAPE KETCHUP!
OMG was that ketchup wonderful. A slice of Pate on the Melba toast with the ketchup o top made me swoon.
I got a taste of Scootor's soup and it was lovely and creamy and full of fish. I'd order it again.

So, all who dine with me know I am on the eternal quest for the best Burger. I have read menus promising me the best burger on the planet only to have my dreams of the perfect burger dashed on the rocks of dry and tasteless grey meat. With my first bite and the grin that followed I knew I had found the best burger I'd ever had not counting my own. It comes with a slice of real cheese, double smoked bacon, sauteed onions(sweet and creamy) lettuce and tomato. I opted out of the cheese and bacon as I am smokily challenged. Again I gotta say it was juicy and DAVOON! Scootor's Chicken Schnitzel Club was lovely. Crispy chicken with NO greasiness and was delicious and succulent. The bread was toasted perfectly and the Pesto Mayo was just right.

I could only eat half my burger and Scoot half his sandwich so of course we had to have dessert.
ALL DESSERTS ARE MADE IN-HOUSE. I was very surprised by this since all the Restos locally seem to get all the same cakes brought in from somewhere in T.O. If dessert isn't made in the place I don't even want to try it. I digress. There are 5 dessert selections that come with home-made Ice Cream as well. We ordered the Apple Crisp which came in it's own little gratine dish with a perfect scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on top. OMG. It was the first time I saw God without dessert being Creme Brulee. Perfect size for two perfect scoop, perfect Perfect Perfect.

So as New Hamburg is a scant 20 minutes away you should plan a trip to Jake & Humphreys. Run don't walk and I recommend a reservation be made. It's not a huge place and I can see it filling up fast.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful review - it sounds like a wonderful place, and home-made ice cream is enough to convince me to make the drive out on its own merits!


  2. Fantastic review! As a NewHamburgite, I'd tend to agree with everything you wrote!!