Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cora - Cora - Cora

What can one say about standing in line waiting to eat lunch on a cold and rainy blustery day??????

Why- why - why?

I know I have gone on some about my food oriented pet peeves....well here's another one. I hate big heavy menus full of too much cuteness. Cutsie names of things, drives me nuts! Too many choices confuses me. The service was just fine, the prices are high, the toast was burnt, the home fries were kinda odd, and the food was just OK. If I am ever in need of breakfast all day I just take myself to the Checkerboard on Belmont. They are a little Greek Mom & Pop who just happen to make the best home fries in town and the prices are so low one June we had dinner there every night for the month and spent no more than we would have cooking at home PLUS, no dishes to wash. So if home-made soup is something you enjoy get on over there. Try for Monday, their navy bean soup is really delicious.


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