Saturday, April 17, 2010


Almost every Friday night a group of us go out and sample the Restaurants in the Treasures Book. We started doing this a few years ago and it has been fun.

Last night we went to Mediterraneo a Greek place on Bridge St. at University Ave.

My question is how much Lemon juice and Oregano can one person eat?

I have what is called a Geographic Tongue. OMG I hear you all scream.Too much information. Here goes, I have a tongue that looks like a map. Lumps and bumps etc. This genetic giftie gives me a major sensitivity to all things acidy and spicy. I can't stand Cilantro either which adds up to 3 gastronomic strikes.

Mediterraneo is a nice looking place with very comfy seats. It is clean and unrushed. We didn't get the feeling that we needed to hurry up for the next sitting. The best part for me was even though the place was full you could still hear your fellow eaters and not have to shout.

The Food was OK. There was so much of it I felt guilty about leaving any. For the prices I would have expected better. Scootor had the souvlaki and said it was OK. Actually everyone at the table said their meal was OK.

If big salads are your thing this is the place for you. They are huge. I ordered the Lamp chops which came with lemon and oregano rice, roasted lemon and oregano potatoes, and lemon and oregano dressed greek salad. I felt like Trini Lopez had taken up residence in my stomach.

Like I said, the food was OK and lots of people love the place. I just don't happen to be one of them. OK food is just OK food.

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