Friday, March 19, 2010

Today I discovered that I don't like Olive Bread.

What is with chefs today???????
No one ever seems to just make delicious plain food. I can't remember the last time I wanted to lick the plate of something that just screamed "Give Me More!"
My companions and I went out for lunch today to a newish place with(not that this EVER concerns me)a georgeous decor. The special sandwich was a (so called) Philly cheese steak on olive bread with oldish orange cheddar. I don't know if the designer of this sandwich was ever in Philly and had ever had a cheese steak sandwich. I have and quite a few of them. Is it silly of me to expect some resemblance from today's to the original??????? I hope not. In Philly you order "WIT" or "WITHOUT." The "WIT" is the cheese. A cheese sauce that is made of/with Cheese Whiz. The cheese on todays sandwich blocked out the flavors of the meat & veggies. Who ever said this was a gourmet sandwich has clearly never had one. The delishness doesn't end with the cheese, there are still the onions and peppers. Todays sad sack had 3 small pieces of onion and of peppers. It was sadly naked. You want a sandwich where you take a bite and have onion & pepper hanging out of your mouth like spaghetti. This is a working man's sandwich and maybe there needs to be a road trip to Philedelphia to try the real thing!

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